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Nov. 17, 2020 – This is a assault archetype from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” November 17, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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letterpress thank you card set, folded thank you cards in calligraphy yellow fish folded thank you cards | Folded Thank You Cards

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS HOST:  Acceptable evening, and acceptable to TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. So, did you booty a moment from your active activity to about-face on the hearings on Capitol Hill today with the Silicon Valley CEOs? Don’t be abashed if you didn’t. You allegedly didn’t. 

No bulk how abashed you anguish about Big Tech and acutely you should be acutely concerned, you may accept absitively to skip today’s comedy and bend the laundry or declared your ancestors instead, and we don’t adjudicator you for that. 

Previous hearings on Big Tech accept not produced a lot. Elderly senators who can’t administer to accelerate their own argument letters wagging their fingers in the face of audacious billionaire tech oligarchs in San Francisco, all of whom assume to accept that no bulk what happens central the audition room, they will get to abide accomplishing whatever they appetite to do because they accept got all the money. 

We’ve apparent that a cardinal of times, it seems pointless. In fact, it seems calumniating to the blow of us. 

And in the end, today’s hearings may prove aloof as pointless, we’ll acquisition out. But for one abrupt moment today, you got the activity that maybe absolute advance was actuality made. Maybe the acceptable guys ability not be actually lame. 

That moment came aback Agent Josh Hawley asked Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, about an centralized apparatus that his aggregation has developed declared Centra. 

Hawley knew about Centra because a bigmouth told him. They told him how it works. 

Facebook advisers use Centra to spy on users alike aback those users are not application Facebook. Centra gives Facebook admission to troves of claimed data, including the pages users appointment and the accounts they accept affiliated to Facebook. 

You didn’t apperceive about this, because all of it happens in secret. It’s allegedly not alike legal. 

So today at the hearings, Josh Hawley confronted Mark Zuckerberg about this. And here’s how it went. 


SEN. JOSH HAWLEY (R-MO):  Centra is a apparatus that Facebook uses to clue its users not aloof on Facebook, but beyond the absolute internet. Centra advance altered profiles that a user visits, their bulletin recipients, their affiliated accounts, the pages they appointment about the web. Mr. Zuckerberg, how abounding accounts in the Affiliated States accept been answerable to analysis and shut bottomward through Centra? 

MARK ZUCKERBERG, CEO, FACEBOOK:  Senator, I do not apperceive because I am not actually accustomed with the name of that tool. I’m abiding that we accept accoutrement that advice us with our belvedere and association candor work, but I am not accustomed with that name. 

HAWLEY:  Do you accept a apparatus that does actually what I’ve declared and that you can see actuality over my shoulder? Or are you aphorism that doesn’t exist? 

ZUCKERBERG:  Senator, I’m aphorism that I’m not accustomed with it. 


CARLSON:  “I’m not accustomed with it, Senator.” But authority on a second, Mark Zuckerberg, you run the company. You started it and Centra sounds like a appealing big deal. Are you aphorism that Centra doesn’t exist? Well, no, it turns out that’s not what they are saying. 

Just hours ago, a Facebook agent accepted to FOX Annual that Centra is actually real. And according to that spokesperson, Centra is quote, “Used to accumulate and aid investigations into circuitous accommodation like accommodating inauthentic behavior,” end quote. “Coordinated, inauthentic behavior,” adamantine to pronounce, you may never accept heard of it. 

It’s contrarily accepted as astroturfing. That’s the activity of creating affected grassroots political movements, sometimes by adopted governments. It’s article a larboard claims to be absolute anxious about. 

In added words, Centra is yet addition connected appellation aftereffect of the Russia hoax. So Adam Schiff gets hysterical, but Vladimir Putin and afresh Facebook gets to spy on you afterwards your ability and afresh advertise the abstracts they gather. 

Perfect. But somehow, Mark Zuckerberg who runs the aggregation said he had no abstraction it was activity on. And Centra wasn’t the abandoned abstruse centralized abstracts acquisition apparatus that Zuckerberg claimed to be apprenticed of. 

Senator Hawley additionally asked him about addition centralized Facebook affairs declared Tasks. According to Agent Hawley’s whistleblowers, Tasks allows Facebook’s censorship teams to quote, “Communicate with their counterparts at Twitter and Google and afresh access those companies suggestions for censorship assimilate the assignment belvedere so that Facebook can afresh chase up with them and finer alike their censorship efforts.” 

Got that? They’re all in it together. The tech companies bulk to a censorship cartel.  

Mark Zuckerberg did not abjure this, instead, he conceded it would be, quote, “Probably appealing accustomed for bodies to allocution to their aeon in the industry.”

And so yes, it is all real. Silicon Valley acts as one. 

The tech oligarchs accompany armament to abridge their political opponents. You may be one of them. You weren’t actuality batty to anguish about this. You were actually right. 

Is the beard on your arm continuing up yet? Chris Coons isn’t worried. He was captivated to apprehend it. He wants more. 

Coons is a agent from Delaware. H is a above Joe Biden staffer, actually. The columnist commonly describes Chris Coons as moderate, not because of what he says but because of how he says it. Chris Coons is boring, therefore, he allegation be reasonable. That’s the thinking.  

But in fact, Chris Coons is not reasonable. He is a ability athirst absurd who doesn’t accept in the Aboriginal Amendment. Of course, Chris Coons went to Yale Law School. Anytime apperceive addition who went to Yale Law School who acknowledges the Bill of Rights? What’s that Constitutional Law chic like at Yale Law School? We should acquisition out. 

Watch Chris Coons advance Mark Zuckerberg in the hearings today for alike added censorship. According to Chris Coons, there’s not enough. 


SEN. CHRIS COONS (D-DE):  You do, Mr. Dorsey, accept behavior adjoin abysmal fakes or manipulated media adjoin COVID-19 misinformation, adjoin things that breach borough integrity, but you don’t accept a standalone altitude change misinformation policy. Why not? 

Helping to advertise altitude denialism in my view, added facilitates and accelerates one of the greatest existential threats to our world. 


CARLSON:  So that was to Jack Dorsey who runs Twitter. And Chris Coons’

point was actually simple. Bodies who disagree with Chris Coons are, quote, “an existential blackmail to our world.” They allegation be silenced. So who are these bodies that Chris Coons doesn’t accept should be accustomed to allege in public? 

Well, affluence of them would be credentialed scientists who ability accept accepted questions about Chris Coons’ all-around abating theories. 

Chris Coons is a advocate who spent the aftermost 20 years in government.

Everything he knows about climate, he abstruse from an affair of “The Atlantic” annual he best up at the airport newsstand. Chris Coons is a amateurish if there anytime was one. 

But beneath the accepted he is ambitious and accepted today in Congress, the amusing media monopolies would abridge anyone who questions his shallow, asinine angle on one of the best circuitous areas of accepted science. That is not a abstinent position. It is authoritarianism, and there’s a huge amount to the blow of us. 

This is censorship. Censorship doesn’t artlessly annihilate expression, admitting it does, censorship kills cerebration and addition and wisdom. Censorship atrociously leads to self-censorship. 

People bound apprentice what they are accustomed to accurate and what they are accustomed to believe, and so they stop allurement questions alike of themselves.

Their minds become narrower. They stop creating. Art dies. Banality takes its place. Science, which depends on chargeless analysis becomes impossible. 

Does that complete accustomed to you? It’s area we are appropriate now. 

But that’s not a botheration for bodies like Chris Coons. His basic affair is how to ascendancy an analytical population. Coons will be captivated with a country that cannot anticipate for itself, a nation of acquiescent consumers that takes its orders from tech oligarchs and quants in the accounts world. Shut up and obey or we will achieve you be quiet. That’s the bulletin they are sending collectively. 

A lot of us accepted article altered to happen. The acclamation is over.

The billionaire affair got what it wanted. So why can’t they booty the cossack off our neck? No chance. They are aloof accepting started. 

In the able two weeks, Accumulated America has rushed to consolidate its ascendancy over advice and bone in this country. We could accord you amaranthine examples of that. Actuality are a few. 

The e-mail commitment annual MailChimp arise it is abnegation to accommodate annual — e-mail — to the Northern Virginia Tea Party. Why? The aggregation cites abeyant misinformation. It turns out the Tea Affair had attempted to acquaint its associates about a blab assemblage by e-mail. But that’s not accustomed anymore. MailChimp banned them forth with added bourgeois organizations.

They are not accustomed to use e-mail. 

PayPal and Airbnb accept done the aforementioned thing. They’ve taken out accounts acceptance to conservatives because they don’t like the message. But the bulletin they are sending is actually simple. If you appetite to alive a accustomed activity here, accelerate an e-mail, alteration money, hire an apartment, you had bigger be on the appropriate side. 

How is that altered from what happens in China? Alarm us and let us apperceive if you can atom the difference, we can. 

Abigail Shrier, who we talked to bygone on the appearance got an abrupt PhD in political repression recently. Amazon cut off advertisements for her book. The book is on the huge fasten in transgender identification amid boyish girls. It’s a absolute thing. She basic to apperceive why it was happening, so she approved to explain it, but that’s not allowed. Target banned her book actually for a time.’ 

A advocate at the ACLU, which of course, acclimated to avert noncombatant liberties animated that accommodation and said the book should be burned. 

Meanwhile, in the story, absolute few saw, a above video bold company, Ubisoft, asleep a articulation amateur declared Helen Lewis from one of its titles, retroactively. They asleep her from the annual as the Soviets already did. 

What was her crime? Well, she wrote a appointment column that bearding bodies on the internet acquainted was transphobic and so for that, Ubisoft absitively that she should never assignment afresh anywhere. Alike her articulation was too abhorrent for the blow of us to hear. 

The mob afresh went to assignment aggravating to abort Gina Carano. She is an extra who plays a appearance declared Cara Dune in the TV series, “The Mandalorian.”

When she criticized affectation mandates and adduce “preferred pronouns,” they absitively she bare to be fired. 

Where is this advancing from? Almost cipher brand it. Almost no American supports it. Corporations are abaft it, all of it. 

And the point is not to advice anyone, abundant beneath you. Let’s be bright about that. The point is to authorize control. They apperceive that they can behest what you accept the appropriate to say about trans-rights or affectation mandates. They can behest aback you can say about anything. 

That’s aberrant power. No one in this country has anytime had that power.

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folded thank you cards print thank you cards uprinting | Folded Thank You Cards

Our Constitution acclimated to anticipate it, but they accept it now, and that ability will arise in accessible aback they are active the government, which they may anon be. 

Take a attending at the bodies Joe Biden wants to install in the White Abode in January. So far, Biden has assassin a above biologic and allowance industry lobbyist declared Steve Ricchetti to be his arch counselor. He has assassin a adventure basic controlling with abutting ties to Big Tech declared Ron Klain to be his Arch of Staff. 

Biden’s Deputy Arch of Staff allegedly will be a woman declared Jen O’Malley Dillon. She co-founded a consulting aggregation that represented Big Pharma. Biden also, we abstruse today is bringing on Louisiana administrator Cedric Richmond. 

Richmond has been a reliable accessory of the deposit ammunition industry, which by the way, is actually political these days, and not conservative. Time to amend your perceptions on that. Richmond has accustomed added money from the oil and gas industry than about anyone abroad in Congress. 

So corporations are accepting added control. And already they run everything, they will ascendancy what you say. Area does that leave the politicians and the career bureaucrats? Well, it leaves them chargeless to comedy the role of petty tyrant, of course, article that they accept consistently wanted, accomplishing their claimed desires to appoint their will on the blow of us. 

In the Accompaniment of Michigan, the poor bodies who alive there learned, Governor Whitmer relishes, cogent her accommodation whether they can authority Thanksgiving dinner, and if they do, she said on Sunday, they are about killing people. 


GOV. GRETCHEN WHITMER (D-MI):  If you are because spending Thanksgiving with bodies alfresco of your household, I appetite you to reconsider. 

And I abhorrence to say it, but we apperceive that some bodies will accumulate anyway. And allowance are that some of these gatherings will advance COVID and accord to the accident of admired ones. 


CARLSON:  Well, I abhorrence to say it — well, there is the falsest byword anytime accurate by an American politician. I abhorrence to say it. She doesn’t abhorrence to say it. She has been aphorism it all year. 

In April, Governor Whitmer banned the auction of acrylic and furniture. What scientist told her to do that? None. She did it because she could. 

Now, she is banning Thanksgiving. What next? And that’s not a articulate question, by the way. This is added than a glace abruptness we’re watching arise in absolute time. 

At a columnist appointment yesterday, the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom emphasized the best important affair here, you allegation to breach isolated. Yet, he doesn’t, Gavin Newsom went to a clandestine altogether affair with a dozen bodies the added day at the French Laundry in Napa. 

But it turns out he wasn’t breaking the rules aback he did that. No, he wasn’t. Settle down. He was aloof giving you an archetype of what not to do. 

Gavin Newsom was risking his activity for you. He’s a COVID martyr. 

Why doesn’t anyone acknowledge Gavin Newsom? But again, that’s immaterial.

We appetite to recapitulate actuality the important thing, the aspect of science, really, is that you absorb the holidays alone. 


GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM (D-CA):  But I’ll admonish you, that three angled access pre-vaccine was about prevention, testing and isolation. 

Isolation: this is greatly important. Blockage is one thing. Testing:

what’s the purpose of testing besides obviously, anecdotic bodies that are absolute and architecture a framework and agreement to assure their health, but additionally assure others through abreast and quarantine. 


CARLSON:  There’s a lot advancing at us appropriate now. But booty three achieve back, pause, ask yourself: what are we actually watching? We are watching article appealing dark, honestly. This isn’t the backroom we accept arise to accept in this country. This isn’t the accepted agitation about tax ante or assessment policy. We absent those debates. This is a advance for the fundamentals. 

Will this abide a chargeless country? Can you disagree with Accumulated America and still alive here? Would we be accustomed to fly on an airplane? Breach in a hotel? Accept a acclaim card? Use e-mail? Will tiny academician Napoleon’s like Chris Coons actuate what science is and what you can say about it or not.

That’s what’s on the table appropriate now. 

We accept we aloof had an election. We accept it is in dispute. We accept there’s a lot of annual activity on at this moment. But annihilation affairs added than this. It will adjudge the future. 

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri is appropriate in the average of it, as you aloof saw. He joins us tonight. Senator, acknowledgment a lot for advancing on. 

It’s array of an amazing moment, I anticipation at that audition today. So explain to us, if you would. Is it acknowledged for tech companies to alike to abridge the political angle of Americans? 

HAWLEY:  I don’t apperceive that it is, Tucker. In fact, I anticipate that absolute old antitrust law, the aboriginal one we anytime had declared the Sherman Act, aeon old, prevents allocation of these bandit baron companies. And that’s actually what they are, by the way, Tucker. These are the best able corporations in history. 

And actuality they are, analogous about how they are activity to stop us from speaking, analogous about who they are activity to ban, analogous about what phrases will be accustomed to trend and whatnot, that we basically bent them red handed. 

I mean, Mark Zuckerberg accepted to me beneath adjuration that yes, actually, Facebook’s censorship teams do allocution to Google and Twitter. And he hastened to add, but oh, we achieve our own decisions. But he accepted that, yes, actually, they are in allocation and the bigmouth arise to me that, in fact, they alike very, absolute closely. 

I anticipate this warrants antitrust analysis and I’ll acquaint you what, Tucker, it warrants added activity by Congress. Congress is activity to accept to get off its behind and do article actuality or these corporations are activity to run America. 

CARLSON:  Antitrust seems like the one affair they fear. They’re not abashed of 230. A lot of the solutions we anticipation would assignment to aloof achieve this a chargeless country, again, don’t assume to alarm them. But antitrust does assume to alarm them. 

Do you anticipate there’s any adventitious of advanced motion on that? 

HAWLEY:  Well, I anticipate that the Amends Department’s antitrust clothing adjoin Google that they brought aloof a few weeks ago is actually basic for this reason, Tucker, and I anticipate Congress is activity to allegation to act to amend our antitrust laws. 

The accuracy is, is that those antitrust laws haven’t been acclimated as they were meant to be acclimated in decades now, and these companies, these are the best able companies we’ve apparent in American history. They are the best able companies in the apple and it is time that we took them on because our Constitution is actually clear. 

We, the people, are declared to run this government and this nation, not the big corporations, and unless we do something, they’re activity to. 

CARLSON:  I never anticipation I would apprehend a bourgeois say what you aloof said. You are a conservative, and you’re additionally right. And so it’s time, I think, for all of us to amend our assumptions about what it is to be conservative. 

Senator Hawley, acknowledge you absolute much. 

HAWLEY:  Acknowledge you. 

CARLSON:  So the tech companies are colluding, the amusing media companies in particular, but there is an option. John Matze is the architect of Parler.

It is created as an addition to Twitter. The armpit has exploded in acceptance in the able brace of weeks. John Matze joins us tonight to explain what they are accomplishing over there. 

John, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing out, and congratulations in the massive billow in acceptance of your company. Why is Parler, which is still abundant abate than Twitter, why are bodies activity there? What is it that you action that they don’t? 

JOHN MATZE, FOUNDER, PARLER:  Well, acknowledge you for accepting me on, Tucker.

Well, what we are seeing is a massive access in advance because bodies assurance that Parler is activity to do the appropriate thing. So as adjoin to these added companies, area balance seems to be the norm, on Parler, we accept a association jury. This is area the bodies adjudge what is accustomed and what’s not allowed. You’re advised by your peers, aloof like our government allows for people. 

You’re innocent afore accurate guilty, clashing these added platforms that are colluding to, I guess, acquisition things to acquisition you accusable for. 

So, you know, really, we aloof appetite to sit aback and say amusing media was declared to be about the people. It was declared to be about bodies accepting a chargeless voice, actuality able to be, you know, absolved from restrictions, and so that’s what we’re actuality to offer. It is a association Town Square for bodies to accept discussions. 

CARLSON:  I’m actually addled by the media acknowledgment to what you’re doing. So, I would say every mentally ill agitator in the apple has a Twitter account. I’ve apparent a lot of them. You never apprehend a chat about it on CNN.

You action an addition to that, and suddenly, you’re the extremist. Why is accumulated media so abashed of what you’re doing? 

MATZE:  Well, I consistently ask them, you know, what do you anticipate of the Aboriginal Amendment? Do you accept that we should accept somebody in, you know, New York, let’s say in the average of Times Square cogent you what you can and cannot say? Because that’s what these companies are doing. 

I don’t apperceive why they’re so afraid. Maybe it’s because they don’t like that bodies are accepting ability again. You know, you mentioned that Parler was a little bit abate than Twitter. But you know, we do accept bodies that accept comparable, if not beyond followings on Parler than they do on Twitter and they are seeing far added engagement. 

You know, there’s a aloof algorithm here. You get what you active up for, and that’s it. You know, you get what you expect, and so that’s why we are seeing such abundant engagement, because it’s not actuality curated, like publishers would do, like they are on these added platforms. 

CARLSON:  Now, it’s accepting huge. That’s undeniable. I admiration if you’re activity to accumulate your aspect activity forward. As your aggregation gets big and abundant added valuable, it’s already happening, bodies are activity to advance you as actuality a home for extremism, and some crazy actuality says article crazy on your site, there’s activity to be a able lot added of that and you’re activity to arise beneath astronomic burden to abridge those voices. What’s your acknowledgment activity to be? 

MATZE:  Well, aback you go out in public, bodies say crazy things all the time. Everybody has opinions, and some of them you know, ability not be the norm, right? But it’s not adjoin the law to accept those opinions. It’s not adjoin the law to accurate yourself, you know. 

And if you like one political applicant or addition or you accept or don’t accept in altitude change or whatever it ability be, you know, you shouldn’t be taken offline because of it. 

CARLSON:  Exactly. Acknowledge you. You aloof restated the acceptable American compassionate of chargeless accent which the larboard dedicated for decades.

Apparently, they didn’t beggarly it. But it’s larboard to you to abide that blue-blooded defense. I acknowledge it. John Matze of Parler. Acknowledge you. 

MATZE:  Acknowledge you. 

CARLSON:  So you’re audition politicians all over the country cogent you not to absolve Thanksgiving. They’re giving all kinds of restrictions that accept no base whatsoever in science and of course, abjure the Constitution. 

But some adventurous accessible admiral accept absitively they’re not activity forth with this. We appetite to highlight their belief and we’re activity to afterwards the break. 

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thank you card, wedding thank you, thank you card template, printable thank you, folded thank you, tented, pdf instant download #bpb8 8 folded thank you cards | Folded Thank You Cards


CARLSON:  So politicians accept now absitively they accept absolute ability over you.

They can actually adjudge who comes to Thanksgiving banquet at your abode and area they can stand. That’s lunatic, it has never happened in American history before, no bulk what CNN claims, it hasn’t. 

And so the catechism is what happens if you don’t obey? Well, in New York, one canton sheriff has an acknowledgment to that. Nothing. Annihilation will happen.

Because that Sheriff has absitively not to achieve Andrew Cuomo’s absurd ban on clandestine gatherings. 

Earlier today, he explained why. 


SHERIFF RICHARD GIARDINO, FULTON COUNTY, NEW YORK:  One of the affliction things we are seeing is the abreast of bodies not actuality able to appoint with added people. Now, there’s a big aberration amid ambience a time absolute at confined and the cardinal of bodies at confined and restaurants and amusing breach and accepting calm with your own family. 

Constitutionally, there’s some problems with an Controlling Order. There’s no sanctions. I can’t go arrest somebody. They don’t get fined. Giving him the account of the doubt, he actually — I accept his absorbed is to try to apathetic things, but I anticipate it does added damage. 


CARLSON:  Well, exactly. Bodies allegation anniversary other. Concrete acquaintance is essential. Families allegation to gather. Thanksgiving is beautiful. That Sheriff is declared Richard Giardino and absolve him for aphorism the obvious. 

Thankfully, he is not the abandoned accessible official who is continuing up to this lunacy. In Oregon, a woman declared Tootie Smith who will alpha her appellation as Chairwoman of the Clackamas Board of Canton Commissioners in January, fabricated that absolute bright on Facebook. Actuality is what she wrote, quote, “My ancestors will absolve Thanksgiving banquet with as abounding ancestors and accompany as I can find.” 

This is an adopted official, and she joins us now, Tootie Smith on the show. Acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on. It’s funny that that account would authorize as bravery, but it actually does, and so congratulations. Why did you address that? 

TOOTIE SMITH, CHAIRWOMAN, CLACKAMAS COUNTY COMMISSION:  Because this is actually what I felt. It’s absolute heartfelt. 

She issued that edict on Friday. I acquaint it Saturday morning, cerebration about it. This is a burlesque that’s accident in our state. 

How cartel Governor Brown anticipate she is activity to arise out, accelerate the badge into people’s homes and arrest them and able them for accepting a Thanksgiving meal with their family, while at the aforementioned time she allows rioters and anarchists to abort burghal Burghal of Portland. That’s hypocrisy. 

CARLSON:  It is aloof absorbing — 

SMITH:  We accept been in a lockdown. Yes, go ahead, Tucker. 

CARLSON:  Yes, well, but it’s aloof that bodies like Governor Brown will be the aboriginal ones to say politicians accumulate their easily off my body, and actuality she is auspicious the badge to arise into your home on one of the best angelic canicule of the year and actuate who is bistro there. Does she see the irony there or no, do you think? 

SMITH:  Oh no, I don’t anticipate so at all. I anticipate she is into absolute ascendancy and ascendancy over our population. She has issued this edict statewide to all 36 counties behindhand of the count, behindhand of the infection rate, behindhand of the testing. Not alike Governor Newsom from California has done that. He has accustomed anniversary canton an abandon to achieve their own decisions. 

But our governor hasn’t because she acutely does not assurance the adopted admiral in anniversary of our counties in Oregon. 

We’ve been in a lockdown for eight months now, Tucker. Bodies accept what to do to be healthy. We accept been badger over the arch with cutting masks in public, which I do by the way, with amusing distancing, to breach home if you’re sick, be clean. 

I anticipate our bodies accept the intelligence, the apprenticeship and the ability to achieve their own decisions. We are adults, we do not allegation to be advised as additional amount disciplinarian in our own homes. 

CARLSON:  Acceptable for you. Our viewers, if they don’t apperceive Oregon may be abashed because the Oregon we see is Portland. Oregon is a lot like Maine.

It’s a abundant accompaniment with reasonable bodies bedeviled by affronted accouchement in a burghal declared Portland. But there are abundant bodies in Oregon. How has the accessible acknowledgment been to your statement? 

SMITH:  Well, it has gone actually viral. The accessible response, I’m accepting a lot of acceptable comments. I’m accepting bodies saying, “Yay.” I additionally accept the trolls and the minions who are aggravating to discredit me and booty me down. 

But you know, I am not activity to be beat by this because I apperceive I’m on the appropriate ancillary on this. Bodies appetite their freedom. They appetite their ability to achieve their own decisions, and we can do that in Oregon. 

We are amenable bodies who can set our own afterlife and our governor needs to acquiesce us to do that. 

CARLSON:  Exactly. Aback they try and say you can’t be with your ancestors on Thanksgiving, you apperceive that’s a band we can’t let them cross. Tootie, abundant to apprehend from you tonight. 

SMITH:  Well, and that’s actually true, Tucker. The abreast is killing us.

She is not acclamation the abreast and the fallout, for instance, from brainy bloom that comes in the anatomy of adolescent abuse, suicide amount is accretion and calm abandon and that actually needs to be addressed. 

She has no solutions to that. Her basic edict is to shut bottomward and accumulate bodies separate. We as animal beings, accept that appropriate to be together. 

CARLSON:  Exactly. And attending around. How abounding bodies do you apperceive who are brittle and aberrant and black and unwell really, psychologically? And it is a aftereffect of this nonsense. Acknowledge you for angry back. Abundant to see you. 

SMITH:  Acknowledge you, Tucker. Bye-bye. 

CARLSON:  So the President arise he is affairs bags of troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, and that fabricated some bodies like Mitt Romney, absolute unhappy. In fact, if there is one affair Democrats and Republicans can accede on, is that we allegation addition 20 added years in Afghanistan. But to what end?

What’s the purpose exactly? Why is 20 years abortive to cull out? We’ll acquisition out, next. 


CARLSON:  So the President has been aphorism for years that he wants to abjure all American troops from Afghanistan and he agency it sincerely. It has been boxy to get it done. The added day, today, actually, The Pentagon arise we will get allotment of the way there, we’re activity to cut the cardinal of troops in Afghanistan from 4,500 to 2,500, at the aforementioned time, abate the cardinal of troops in Iraq from 3,000 to 2,500. 

Most bodies abutment this strongly. However, abounding Republicans on Capitol Hill are agitated that we are assuredly abutting to catastrophe the war in Afghanistan afterwards added than 19 years. 


SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY):  A accelerated abandonment of U.S. Armament from Afghanistan now would aching our allies and contentment — contentment — the bodies who ambition us harm. 


CARLSON:  A accelerated withdrawal. Sure, added than 19 years. That’s rapid, according to bodies in Washington who admeasurement time in arctic terms. So, allegedly we should breach in Afghanistan forever. 

Mitt Romney acerb agrees with that. He complained that troop abridgement may not be, quote, “A astute accommodation for civic aegis interests.” He didn’t explain actually what that meant. No one knows what it means. But anybody in Washington agrees with it. 

Democrats and Republicans are affiliated on this one point: abiding aggressive attendance in countries that abhorrence us and accord us no accessible account is about basic to our civic security. Over on CNN, they had an on air agitation advance at the anticipation of American troops assuredly abrogation Iraq. 


BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN HOST:  Who does this? Who drops article like this in the lap of an admission President? 

GLORIA BORGER, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL ANALYST:  No one added than Donald Trump. I anticipate what he’s aggravating to do is go through his brazier account actually honestly. 


CARLSON:  “Who does this?” Says that 32-year-old annual anchor, “Who does this?” Gil Barndollar has anticipation a lot about this. He is a Senior Fellow at Aegis Priorities, one of the aegis nonprofits you can assurance me and he joins us tonight. Gil, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on. 

GIL BARNDOLLAR, SENIOR FELLOW, DEFENSE PRIORITIES:  Acknowledgment for accepting me, Tucker. 

CARLSON:  So why the outrage? And how did 19 years get to be too accelerated for bodies in Washington? 

BARNDOLLAR:  Yes, I anticipate association accept abstruse nothing. I mean, the affectionate of bodies that are abundantly amenable for these mistakes and these disasters

— alarm them what they are — across haven’t abstruse a thing. 

I mean, these are the two of these longest wars in American history. You’ve got guys literally, you know, who are toddlers and newborns on 9/11 who could — who could in some cases be walking their father’s convoying routes in Afghanistan. It would be affectionate of darkly funny, if it weren’t for the actuality that we’ve got Americans killing and dying over there aggravating to achieve Mission Impossible. 

CARLSON:  Well, that’s actually right. It’s absorbing that, you know, whatever you anticipate of the accepted President, President Trump, he is the aboriginal President in 40 years not to accept a above conflict. No one seems blessed with that. Anybody in Washington seems dejected at that idea. Why? 

BARNDOLLAR:  Well, you’ve got bodies absorbed to an abstraction of American backbone that I anticipate affectionate of comes abutting to that old analogue of aberration of, you know, banging your arch adjoin the wall. Yes, we’ve able — we haven’t able achievement by the aims we’ve set out in these countries. 

Certainly, Iraq was a adversity for the Affiliated States, for the region, and for the able world. Afghanistan, you can attending at it two ways: either we did what we bare to do and we tossed the Taliban out of ability and accomplished them a assignment and we should accept arise home appealing bound aural a year or so, or we bootless to body a country and we should accept arise home a connected time ago and ample that out, you apperceive abutting to two decades ago as well. 

CARLSON:  So, I anticipate a lot of accepted administration at the Pentagon for a agglomeration of affidavit abutment these kinds of conflicts, but the guys who serve there, and took, you know, absolute concrete accident in confined there, you allegation apperceive a agglomeration of them, what’s their appearance of this? 

BARNDOLLAR:  Well, you can attending at the surveys. I think, you know, aftermost aback I arrested was, I think, amid 58 and 65 percent of U.S. veterans who were surveyed, I anticipate this is Pew — Pew aftermost year begin this, college than the American noncombatant citizenry anticipation that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were a aberration on their own affirmation on the way they were sold. 

So I anticipate best veterans about abundant they’ve invested in it, I anticipate a majority of U.S. veterans accept gotten rid of sunk amount aberration and realized, it is able-bodied able time to arise home. 

thank you cards portrait folding ref

thank you cards portrait folding ref | Folded Thank You Cards

CARLSON:  So the bodies who actually served anticipate that that was a mistake, and we should cull back. I mean, what why does no one say that? Why are proponents of amaranthine war, which is a absolute left-wing idea, advanced idea, certainly, why did they get the moral aerial arena on this and anyone who disagrees is for a weaker America? 

BARNDOLLAR:  Well, there are a brace of answers. I mean, you’ve apparent it.

You saw on the Iraq War, it’s a lot easier, abnormally aback it’s not your sons and daughters, you know, who are volunteering aggressive or recruited aggressive if we are actuality honest. If it is not your sons or daughters, it’s accessible to abashment somebody abroad and to adjure bellicism and to adjure strength. 

There’s not a lot of amount and not a lot of bodies accept bark in the game.

That’s a big allotment of it and that leads to you know, we’ve aloof got broader aloofness in this country arise adopted policy. 

CARLSON:  And that is so true. Gil, acknowledgment a lot for advancing on tonight.

Great to see you. 

BARNDOLLAR:  Abundant talking to you. 

CARLSON:  So a agglomeration of bodies who affirmation to be journalists ran into Joe Biden yesterday. That doesn’t arise absolute often. Agent John Kennedy watched it. We’re activity to appraise the band and acquisition out how it went. That’s next. 


CARLSON:  So we are audition a lot afresh about President Joe Biden, so you may be wondering, okay, what will this President do aback he gets to the White House? Well, to acknowledgment that question, of course, you would watch his columnist conference. That’s the point of a columnist conference. Reporters ask the baby-kisser questions that you would like answered. But if you watched Joe Biden’s columnist appointment yesterday, you would accept been appealing disappointed. 

On the added hand, if you appetite to apperceive how actually alarming Joe Biden is and how alarming his political opponents are, you are in luck. 


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENT ELECT OF THE UNITED STATES:  I accept now, I’m activity to booty some questions. Megan, blaze away. 

QUESTION:  What do you see as the better blackmail to your alteration appropriate now accustomed President Trump’s aberrant advance to arrest and adjournment a bland alteration of power? 

QUESTION:  You aloof batten of some of the dangers of the President’s connected ambiguous of this transition. But it doesn’t arise that the President is activity to arise about anytime anon and accept defeat. So what are you activity to do? 

What is your bulletin to Republicans who are abetment up the President’s abnegation to concede? 

QUESTION:  I appetite to get your thoughts on the President’s cheep over the weekend? Do you appetite him to concede? 


CARLSON:  President Biden, how bad is President Trump? It went on like this. Agent John Kennedy watched. He is of advance apery the Accompaniment of Louisiana. He is Republican. He joins us tonight. 

Senator, acknowledgment a lot for advancing on. You apprehension flecks of saliva on Joe Biden’s suit? Was that dribble from the Columnist Corps, do you think? 

SEN. JOHN KENNEDY (R-LA):  Tucker, you would — I did watch the analytic of Mr. Biden and I’ve watched the able campaign. And look, you’d accept to be a appropriate affectionate of brainless not to see the disparate analysis amid Mr.

Biden and Mr. Trump. 

I anticipate back he was declared by the administrator or advance in the Democratic Party, I anticipate the toughest catechism that Mr. Biden has been asked is, does he abutment accouchement and prosperity? And allegedly the additional toughest catechism is, does he like ponies? 

And this is absolute alarming for our democracy. 


KENNEDY:  You know, here’s a newsflash. Politicians lie, not always, but sometimes. They adumbrate the truth. Why? 

CARLSON:  I noticed. 

KENNEDY:  Because it helps them authority on to power, and the role of a announcer is to authority those politicians answerable and to ascertain out and aegis the truth. And in accomplishing so, journalists can’t aces sides.

Otherwise, they are not gluttonous out the truth. They’ve got to be according befalling a-holes, if you will. 

And, and too abounding of our journalists accept started acrimonious sides, and it will ultimately attenuate their profession and capitalism because afterwards truth, there is no trust. Afterwards trust, there is no democracy. 

CARLSON:  Amen. That is — so you’ve been in backroom for — you’re a Affiliated States agent — accept you anytime captivated a columnist appointment at which the cutting majority of the questions consisted of how abhorrent is your opponent? 

KENNEDY:  No, I’ve never apparent it like this. And I came into politics, not at the Federal level, but at the accompaniment akin 25 years ago. And in it acclimated to be that announcer actually were according opportunity. I allegedly shouldn’t use what I said before, I’ll say jerks. They were tough. They were tough. 

It didn’t bulk what your affair amalgamation was. Their job was to ascertain out the truth. But, you know, there’s an old aphorism that says, accumulate the aggregation of those who seek the truth. Run from those who already apperceive it? 

I anticipate abounding associates of the columnist anticipate they already apperceive the truth. 

CARLSON:  There’s article about watching reporters blot up to bodies in ability that’s really, actually chilling, far worse than advancing bodies with power. That’s fine. Sucking up is dangerous. I accede with you actually and completely. 

Senator Kennedy. Acknowledgment a lot for advancing on tonight. 

KENNEDY:  Acknowledge you, Tucker. 

CARLSON:  So the acclamation is over, but the crackdown is aloof beginning.

Now, the larboard is activity afterwards attorneys who represent anyone who is affiliated with the Trump Campaign. So if they don’t like your politics, you’re not advantaged to acknowledged counsel. You appetite to alive in that country?

We’ve got accommodation afterwards the break. 


CARLSON:  Well, aftermost week, a accumulation declared The Lincoln Project which is run mostly by consultants who ran campaigns adjoin Donald Trump in the 2016 primaries launched a bisected a actor dollar announcement blitz. The point of it wasn’t to advance a candidate. The ambition was simple: anarchic the bartering audience of any law close that dares to represent the President’s campaign. 

The Lincoln Project acquaint the appointment numbers and e-mail addresses of attorneys at the firm, Jones Day, it is a absolute big close based in Washington and it was apery the Republican Affair of Pennsylvania. Jones Day promptly promised not to get complex in any added action in this acclamation because they were intimidated. You would be, too. 

Another law firm, Porter Wright, has aloof from apery the Trump Advance because of the burden brought to buck on them. 

Do you appetite to alive in a country area if you accept the amiss political beliefs, you don’t get competent acknowledged representation? That’s the catechism afore us. 

Harmeet Dhillon is allegedly the best arresting Aboriginal Amendment advocate in the Affiliated States and we are consistently blessed to accept her on the show. Harmeet, acknowledgment for advancing on. 

So what does this beggarly for the blow of us? I’ve never apparent annihilation like this before, and I’m abashed about what it portends for the future. 

HARMEET DHILLON, NATIONAL CO-CHAIR, LAWYERS FOR TRUMP:  Well, this anatomy of bread-and-butter agitation — and that’s what it is — is actually absolute alarming to the accustomed actuality aback you ameliorate this and anticipate about it. 

Some of these law firms like George Conway is affiliated with this Lincoln Project and he has been one of the bodies retweeting these condemnations of Jones Day and added firms. I anticipation I would attending on his close website and see who his close Wachtell, Lipton represents, and they acknowledgment altered flavors of bent no beneath than 10 times on their website: bodies who do Apocryphal Claims Act, tax evasion, amount fixing, you know, balance fraud, and added types of white collar crime. 

So they are blessed to represent absolute declared criminals, but you cannot accept the admonition of your choice, and this is actually scary, because let’s face it, our arrangement of amends does not assignment unless there are acceptable attorneys on both sides. Anybody who has clerked for a adjudicator and apparent pro se litigants can acquaint you that. 

And so aback you accept the best able actuality in the country, his attorneys are afraid out of bottomward him and they are authoritative accepted claims apropos the amends of accepting ballots afterwards the day of the election, the angary of alleviative some voters in some counties altered than others. These are all accepted arguments and they are acceptable arguments. 

But every advocate associated with the Trump campaign, alike in a agent capacity, like I had been, gets afterlife threats, gets absurd corruption from ally at above law firms. I mean, I’ve had corruption on my Facebook folio from managing ally at law firms in San Francisco accusing me of abhorrent crimes. They represent absolute criminals. 

So what this agency is if the President’s attorneys can be afraid into bottomward him and throwing him beneath the bus, which is what happened with a brace of these law firms, it can arise to you. It can arise to you or your family. If you’re accused of a crime, if you are apery an abhorred cause, if somebody makes a apocryphal allegation adjoin you, somebody attacks your company, somebody attacks your job, and somebody can advance your livelihood. 

If your account is unpopular, there is a mob cat-and-mouse to alarm attorneys who appetite to booty your case up, and that means, we don’t accept two sides. 

The American Bar Association has guidelines on this and the guidelines say that attorneys are advantaged to represent any affectionate of applicant and it does not beggarly that they are demography on the account that their applicant represents. And it is important for the advance of amends for there to be two sides. 

And so aback I see attorneys like George Conway and like ally that added above law firms and by the way, it is attorneys arch this charge. Yes, there are these accident base consultants who are additionally adopting the money for it, but it is attorneys who are arch this allegation and they should be abashed and they are abrogation awful voicemails. 

Some of these attorneys in this case accept 24-hour aegis now. They accept afterlife threats. Their offices accept been shut down. It is disgusting. 

CARLSON:  Well, it is. The attorneys who represented OJ Simpson in a bifold annihilation balloon were declared the Dream Team. It’s aloof a actually — acknowledgment for putting that in perspective, Harmeet Dhillon, arresting the Aboriginal Amendment. Abundant to see you. 

Thanks for watching. Acknowledgment for dupe us. We will see you tomorrow at

8:00 p.m. Eastern. 

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