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Ryan Ermey: Active in retirement comes with twists and turns, no bulk aback you retire. But activity has been decidedly anarchic for retirees of late. Above Kiplinger’s editor and accepted retiree Janet Bodnar joins the show, to acquaint us how retirees can cross agitated times, in our capital segment. On today’s show, Sandy and I admonish you to about-face your appropriate minimum distributions (RMDs) afore the approaching deadline. And the new copy of Agrarian Pitches, appearance association affective out of state, and acclimated clandestine jets. That’s all advanced on this adventure of Your Money’s Worth. Stick around. 

12 professional retirement announcement letters & emails ᐅ retirement thank you notes

12 professional retirement announcement letters & emails ᐅ retirement thank you notes | Retirement Thank You Notes

Ryan Ermey: Welcome to Your Money’s Worth. I’m Kiplinger’s accessory editor Ryan Ermey, abutting as consistently by chief editor Sandy Block. Sandy, we are activity aback to some — let’s not alarm it a able-bodied trod breadth — but article that we’ve talked about on the appearance before, which are RMDs… as we apperceive the requirements for RMDs in 2020 were waived.

Sandy Block: Right, if you’re 72 or over, you’re usually appropriate to booty a minimum bulk out of your IRAs every year. In the alpha of the year, aback in March aback the bazaar was absolutely in a lot of trouble, that was afflicting for bodies who didn’t charge the money, because you don’t absolutely like to booty money out of your accounts, aback the bazaar is down. So in March, Congress allowable a law that waived appropriate minimum distributions for a assertive period in 2020. And that’s what created a lot of alarm and confusion.

Ryan Ermey: Right, because bodies wrote in to us and said, “Well, what if I already took it? Can I now put it aback in?” And the acceptable account was yes. You can absolutely acknowledgment your RMDs this year and the acumen that we accompany it up afresh is because the borderline for that is advancing up rapidly. August 31st. Now, we were cerebration about accomplishing this in abutting week’s episode, but that absolutely would accept been-

Sandy Block: That day.

Ryan Ermey: …on the day.

Sandy Block: You would’ve had to stop alert and run to your broker.

Ryan Ermey: Put your headphones bottomward and alarm your banking advisor.

Sandy Block: So we’re giving you a active up appropriate now.

Ryan Ermey: Right. So, you may not appetite to put your RMD back. It could be that you’re in a low tax bracket, so you’re not activity to pay that abundant tax on your distribution, or maybe you appetite to catechumen it to a Roth. That would be a financially amenable affair to do as well. But if you appetite to abstain the tax, you’ll accept to disengage it by August 31st. And we do accept some addendum actuality from our acquaintance Ed Slott, who bodies ability anamnesis is a banking able and a above bedfellow and acquaintance of the podcast. So all exceptionable 2020 RMDs can be formed aback over if done by the date. The already per year, IRA rollover aphorism is additionally waived. Now what’s that Sandy?

Sandy Block: A while aback the IRS said you could alone do one rollover — IRA rollover a year. If you capital to move your money from one IRA to another, you could alone do it every 12 months. And that created problems for bodies who capital to rollover RMD, maybe had done a rollover afore then, and the IRS aloof basically said, “Nevermind, abstain that rule.” The added affair the IRS said, the admonition that they put out, which we talked about with Ed at the time was very, actual broad. It basically, it was, I anticipate I said at the time, was like Oprah, everybody gets a rollover.

Sandy Block: And one of the added things that Ed acicular out is that alike a non-spouse IRA beneficiary, maybe you affiliated an IRA, and you’re appropriate to booty RMDs because that changed. But in the past, if you affiliated an IRA from your dad, you were appropriate to booty a minimum bulk every year based on your activity expectancy. The IRS said, “No, those bodies are included, too. And if they took an RMD, they can put it back, as continued as they do it by August 31st. It charge go aback to the aforementioned IRA, affiliated IRA, they took it from — but a little caveat, if you’re a non-spouse and you took an RMD from say a 401(k), you can’t acknowledgment an exceptionable RMD.”

Ryan Ermey: That doesn’t count.

Sandy Block: That doesn’t count, but best bodies don’t accede 401(k)s, they accede IRAs. So those association get a break, too.

Ryan Ermey: And finally, the aftermost agenda that he gave us was that, assorted RMDs taken in 2020 can be returned. So because that already a year aphorism is waived, if you took assorted RMDs in 2020, those can be alternate as continued as you do it by August 31st. And afterwards that day, all the approved rollover rules are back.

Sandy Block: So you’re accepting a active up — and the assorted RMDs — I anticipate I heard from a lot of people, this is what got them in trouble. They automatically had a assertive bulk taken out of their IRAs every month, in the absolute 12 months according what their RMD was. So some bodies could accept taken assorted RMDs, because maybe they took one in January and February or March, you can put them all back. But you got to do it by August 31st.

Ryan Ermey: There you accept it folks, appropriate account from Sandy and me. And we apparently won’t be talking about RMDs, for a little while actuality on the podcast. This is all you’re activity to get for a while, so adore it. Advancing up, Janet Bodnar helps you accord with retirement’s abrupt artifice twists. Aback in a sec.

Ryan Ermey: We are aback and we’re actuality with Janet Bodnar. She is the editor-at-large for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and the columnist of the Active in Retirement column. Janet, acknowledge you so abundant for coming.

how to say goodbye to coworkers when you retire – retirement tips retirement thank you notes

how to say goodbye to coworkers when you retire – retirement tips retirement thank you notes | Retirement Thank You Notes

Janet Bodnar: Oh my pleasure. Thanks for accepting me.

Ryan Ermey: Active in retirement has gotten awe-inspiring over the accomplished several months. And we consistently say that retirees should apprehend the unexpected, but what are some things that association can do in retirement to ensure that they can acclimate the storm aback anarchy strikes like this? In the banal bazaar or the economy?

Janet Bodnar: Well, I anticipate you accept to accept as abounding ducks in a row as you possibly can, so that you’re not activity to aberration out aback article happens. I wrote a cavalcade about this, because what fabricated me feel better, aback all this happened was that I knew I had a beck of income. A approved beck of assets via Social Security. And I had waited as continued as I could to administer for Social Security. So I knew that, I had assets that was activity to abide and that I could calculation on. That fabricated me feel good. So aboriginal of all, I had money advancing in at atomic from that beck of income. Addition affair is, that as far as your investments go in Kiplinger we consistently say this, but you absolutely charge to accept an asset allocation that you could alive with through anything.

Janet Bodnar: So that if the banal bazaar drops like it did three months ago, you’re not saying, “Oh my gosh, this is terrible.” So I still had, alike admitting I’m retired, I still had a banal allocation in my portfolio, but it was article that I could alive with. And so, aback the bazaar tanked, I was acutely interested, analytical I was afterward the news. But I wasn’t panicking, because I acquainted that what I had initially activity in — the allocation that I had initially activity in was article that I could alive with. And those two things for me at least, were actual abating aback all hell bankrupt loose, at atomic in the banal bazaar a few months ago.

Sandy Block: So, Janet, afterward up on that. The banal bazaar has aloof been activity gangbusters lately, which makes some bodies think, okay, “We are due. We are still behind for addition big correction.” What’s your admonition if that happens? Again, should retirees get added aggressive, and go arrangement shopping, breach put or how should bodies adapt themselves for the abutting big dip?

Janet Bodnar: Well, I don’t anticipate retirees should be advancing in arrangement arcade as bodies ability be, investors ability be, if they were not already retired. Because you do accept to cull your punches a little bit actuality and you do accept to be a little bit careful, I think. And it is accurate one of the things… you do accept a assertive allocation in mind, and if the bazaar dips, afresh bodies say, “Well, now’s the time you can rebalance from some of your added assets. From maybe your banknote assets or your band assets — and rebalance into stocks until you can accompany yourself aback up to that, allocation that you’re adequate with.”

Janet Bodnar: So that seems to be article that bodies can accept and can alive with. But I wouldn’t try to access that allocation, above the point at which I feel comfortable. And in fact, if you’ve done that, you’re apparently aback up depending on what your allocation was. You could potentially be aback up to breadth you were before, artlessly because the bazaar has, as you say, gone gangbusters anytime since. So now you accept this added situation, “Jeez maybe I accept too abundant in stock. So what do I do? Well, I can put into cash, which yields nothing.” That’s the abundant brain-teaser for retirees. And, frankly, I cannot acknowledgment that question, Sandy and Ryan, because you can’t get a lot of yield, if you’re attractive for safe crop on your money. You’re about actuality pushed into stocks, or at atomic dividend-paying stocks to a assertive extent. But you don’t appetite to over accomplish because, you don’t appetite to again, to be in a position breadth you accept too abundant in stocks, and afresh the basal avalanche out again.

Janet Bodnar: So I anticipate it becomes a trickier bearings for retirees than it has been in the past. Absolutely at this point, it’s a bit of a trickier situation, and you accept to at least, apprentice to alive with it. Or apprentice to feel adequate with it, let’s put it that way and not amplify it so that you’re in agitation mode. or you’re too aflame about, “Oh, the stock, market’s activity great. Hey, it’s super.” Well, you still accept to bethink that you’ve got to beddy-bye at night, and you aloof accept to antithesis your needs, your assets needs. And that’s breadth that abiding assets comes in. Because if you’ve got a abiding assets from Social Security, if you accept a abiding assets from a pension, a acceptable pension, if you’re advantageous abundant to accept one. If you accept a abiding assets from article like an actual annuity, that can beanbag any bazaar shocks you have, and aloof accomplish you feel a little added confident, a little added comfortable.

Ryan Ermey: Now for bodies who don’t necessarily accept absolutely as abundant of a cushion, and all hell breach loose, as you say, if someone’s activity through a asperous application like that, what’s a financially amenable way, that you can accord yourself a little bit of a boost, to arch the gap until your portfolio comes aback a bit.

Janet Bodnar: Able-bodied you do accept some added options. If you accept accomplished life, if you accept accumulated savings, for example, in a accomplished activity allowance policy, and you charge the money, it ability be a time that a acceptable point for you to tap that. That ability be one affair you can do. You could use a about-face mortgage, if you capital to access your assets in that way. Or, if you still accept a approved mortgage, ante are so low that you could potentially refinance that mortgage, and get added banknote flow. You could access your banknote flow. And article abroad you ability do, is aloof cut aback on your spending.

Janet Bodnar: That’s aloof a acceptable affair that you do in a case like this, whether it’s acquired by a communicable or annihilation else. You retire and aback the bazaar goes bottomward and so you appetite to cut aback on your spending. And ironically, because of the pandemic, it’s been easier to do that, at atomic in the alpha because there wasn’t that abundant to absorb on. And so now of advance there is added to do, and bodies are spending more. But, I anticipate they’re actuality accurate about how they’re spending their money. So you aloof accept to be watchful, of breadth your money is going.

Sandy Block: So, Janet, you’ve been retired I anticipate for a brace of years now, and acutely you oversaw Kiplinger’s and we had retirement admonition for years. But now that you’ve absolutely been out there in the trenches, is there annihilation that afraid you financially or contrarily about actuality retired?

Janet Bodnar: Well, you apperceive what’s interesting, we abode a lot in Kiplinger about how you adapt for retirement, how you book for Social Security, how you book for Medicare. And we accord bodies absolutely acceptable advice, but until you absolutely accept to do it, you think, “Oh my.” And I anticipate I’ve accounting at one point on this, you absolutely accept to adapt for this, by giving yourself three to six months to get accessible [to assurance up for Medicare]. Aloof to get all your paperwork together, because about absolutely there are glitches that are activity to about-face up. You’re aggravating to assurance up for Medicare, you accept a catechism you absolutely can’t get through to Medicare. Your assets has changed, because now the assets that you becoming two years ago, is no best the assets you’re earning now, you accept to book forms for this.

Janet Bodnar: The forms appear aback at you, because you haven’t abounding them out correctly. Or you book the forms and you don’t apprehend anything. And you say, “Oh my gosh, breadth is everything.” And you’re consistently on the buzz with the association from Social Security. My sister-in-law aloof had this experience, she couldn’t get her Medicare active off on and she assuredly begin a person, she lives up in Maine, Ms. Caldwell or Ms. Anderson or Ms. Addition up in Maine.

Janet Bodnar: Some nice woman up in Maine, assuredly alleged her aback and said that what she had done aback she had abounding out her form, she had acclimated her landline buzz number. But afresh in addition abode on the form, she had acclimated her corpuscle buzz number. And she had done that, because she anticipation it would be easier for the Social Aegis association or the Medicare association to get in blow with her. Well, no. Red flag, red flag. Who would accept thought. You’re aggravating to accomplish things easier for people, but there were two buzz numbers. So that captivated things up for weeks. Little things like that happen. And you aloof apprentice that aback you’re out there absolutely filing for all this, I’m abiding that conceivably there are bodies out there for whom it goes abundantly smoothly, but frequently that does not happen. And so, you absolutely accept to animate yourself for this. So that’s one affair that I would absolutely acquaint bodies about.

Ryan Ermey: Well, and you’ve additionally been accepting a lot of mail, it seems, from retired readers about what activity in retirement has been like. And we consistently apprentice so abundant from our readers, about the banking realities that bodies face. What accept you been acquirements from your readers about active in retirement?

Janet Bodnar: Oh, I get so abounding belletrist and this is interesting, because the belletrist that I get from readers, what’s consistently strikes me is that they are acutely busy. And I don’t apperceive whether anybody in retirement is acutely busy, but absolutely the bodies who abode to me are acutely busy. Maybe they aloof accomplish time to write, but they all accede and this is a band that I anticipate I aloof acclimated in one of my columns, and I anticipate it sums things up. You don’t appetite to anticipate that you’re backward from something, you appetite to anticipate that you are backward to something. And that could be a lot of things.

truly great mentor plaque retirement sign with quote thank etsy retirement thank you notes

truly great mentor plaque retirement sign with quote thank etsy retirement thank you notes | Retirement Thank You Notes

Janet Bodnar: A lot of bodies go aback to work. They’re home for a few months and they are apathetic out of their minds. And so they go out to assignment again, maybe in a acreage that’s accompanying to the acreage that they formed in aback they retired. Maybe it’s a part-time job, at the bounded Walmart, or the bounded Lowe’s, or article like that. But they go aback to work. So a lot of bodies volunteer. Huge numbers of bodies volunteer. Lots of bodies do accommodating assignment through their churches or places of worship. And some bodies do absolutely absorbing things. One of the gentlemen who wrote to me is an added in movies.

Janet Bodnar: That’s what he does. He’s a cine extra. And so they accept begin things that they adore doing. Babysitting for grandchildren. Grandchildren comedy a huge role in retirees’ lives. And sometimes they absolutely do babysit for the grandkids. And sometimes it’s aloof a case of visiting them every brace of weeks and actuality allotment of their lives. So it’s important to accept article to go to aback you retire — and that’s actual important. Now some bodies say they go overboard, and they aloof accidental advance for aggregate that they possibly can. And that’s not absolutely acceptable either, because afresh they accept to adapt down. Some bodies advance new interests. One guy said that he anticipation he was activity to do artistic things, like beverage his own beer. And he concluded up accomplishing added concrete antic things like pickleball. Pickleball, the huge action of retirees.

Ryan Ermey: My parents adulation pickleball.

Janet Bodnar: Do they really?

Ryan Ermey: And they’re both accomplished at it.

Janet Bodnar: And who knew? Because that’s article that didn’t alike abide a brace of years ago. And absolutely they apparently never played afore they got retired or got abutting to retirement. And it does booty some accepting acclimated to, they all say that. And for some people, bluntly it’s harder than others. It’s a bigger adjustment. So you aloof accept to be prepared, not aloof financially. At Kiplinger,  we consistently acquaint bodies how to be financially prepared, but you absolutely accept to be psychologically able for this. It can booty a while to acquisition your purpose, your niche. And that can be a challenge.

Ryan Ermey: Well, whether it’s banking or cerebral preparation, Janet has you covered be abiding to go out and analysis out her columns on Kiplinger.com. We’ll accept all her latest advantage up in the appearance notes. Janet, acknowledge you so abundant for advancing on.

Janet Bodnar: Oh my pleasure. Invite me any time. I’m retired.

Ryan Ermey: Afterwards the break, a arguable accomplishment leads to some about acceptable tax advice, if you’ve confused out of accompaniment during quarantine. Don’t go anywhere.

Ryan Ermey: We are back, and afore we go a new copy of Agrarian Pitches, tales from our strangest and wackiest PR pitches. And abundance is not the wildest Sandy, it’s not the bluff bracelet. It’s not the advertisement for the carriageable bidet, from Kickstarter that we both accustomed this week. Mostly because I anticipate it’s absolutely a acceptable idea. But in fact, a archetypal class of mine, which is “dubious surveys.” And this one is hasty to me, because the analysis cited in this PR angle is from Pew Research, who you await on as a reliable analysis provider. But it says, “One in bristles Americans, accept relocated during the pandemic.” It’s like, “Wow.”

Sandy Block: Whoa, everybody’s moving.

Ryan Ermey: So, “One to bristles accept relocated, or apperceive addition who has.” Wow. That makes that aboriginal cardinal useless.

Sandy Block: We could all apperceive the aforementioned guy.

Ryan Ermey: And so I accomplished bottomward a little bit, to the admeasurement that they accomplished down, and they say, “3% of bodies in the analysis accept confused permanently.” Wow. “Or temporarily.” Oh. “And 6% accept had addition move into their household, 14% say they apperceive someone.” That’s breadth you get your one in bristles Americans. So these are squishy, imprecise, and almost abortive numbers, not the affectionate that we would anytime book in the vaunted pages of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. But no bulk how you allotment it, bodies are on the move. Abounding of them from cities to suburbs. And depending on breadth you are, that can accept tax implications.

Sandy Block: Well, that’s right. And this affair has appear up time and time again, mostly with retiree snowbirds. If you absorb allotment of your time in one accompaniment and allotment of your time in addition and you appetite to affirmation the lower tax accompaniment as your residence, accept that there are lots of things you accept to do to prove that the lower tax accompaniment is your abode state. States like New York and New Jersey are actual acute about bodies who alive there allotment time, but appetite to affirmation about abroad as their abiding home, and appropriately abstain advantageous taxes. So there’re all kinds of things that you charge to do.

Sandy Block: And frankly, bodies who are aloof hunkering down. Maybe they alive in Brooklyn or the high East side, and they’re hunkering bottomward in North Carolina or something, until they feel safe to appear home apparently aren’t activity to accommodated these tests, because they did not absolutely move. They accept a home in New York or New Jersey. And New York and New Jersey expects them to pay taxes unless they can prove that they accept an absorbed to move to this added place. So I anticipate a lot of these bodies who, maybe are aloof demography a break, in a rural breadth or article like that, accomplished go ahead. But don’t apprehend to cut your taxes that way, because it’s boxy to do.

Ryan Ermey: And actual me if I’m wrong, Sandy, but alike if you do authorize abode about added than breadth you about live, if breadth you about alive is additionally breadth you work, you may accept to pay taxes for breadth you work, unless you accept some advantage acceding amid two States, right?

retirement resignation letter examples retirement thank you notes

retirement resignation letter examples retirement thank you notes | Retirement Thank You Notes

Sandy Block: Right. And I’m activity to abode a adventure about this appealing soon, because I anticipate things are accepting actual interesting. I anticipate this accomplished abstraction that everybody is abrogation New York, ability be a little overblown. But the actuality of the bulk is, we accept abounding bodies alive remotely. Abounding bodies cerebration about affective because they’re alive remotely, cipher cares breadth they sit. Maybe they are absolutely affective or maybe they’re adding their time amid two states. And they live, full-time in two states, in which case they ability accept to book two accompaniment tax returns. There are all kinds of absolutely absorbing tax implications, I anticipate that are activity to appear up, as bodies are a little added adaptable than they acclimated to be.

Ryan Ermey: All appropriate well, bodies should accumulate an eye out for your adventure on this. I’ll absolutely articulation annihilation up to date that we accept in the appearance notes. Sandy, what is your pitch?

Sandy Block: Okay. Abundance avalanche into the new class I created, which is alleged the “Tone Deafened Pitch.”

Ryan Ermey: Communicable accent deaf.

Sandy Block: Yeah, exactly. Millions of bodies are out of work, and we apperceive how bad things are. And I get a columnist absolution that says in the accountable line, “This is a abundant time to buy a clandestine jet.”

Ryan Ermey: Charge be nice.

Sandy Block: And afresh it gets worse. It says, “The communicable has fabricated 2020 the best time for purchasing/investing in an airplane, abnormally jet aircraft.” Afresh it goes on. I may actualize a new category, not aloof Accent Deaf, but “let them eat cake.” Because it goes on to say, “Private aerodynamics allows travelers to abstain terminals, continued waits, delays and all of the headaches that appear with aegis bloom screenings, and added new precautions. It is predicted that travelers, will accept to access three or four hours afore flights, as we move forward.” So, yes, this is how you avoid… balloon TSA pre-check, buy a alike and you don’t accept to go through security. They point out that, “Many do not.” Again, added cake, “Many do not apprehend the affordability of ahead endemic aircraft.” Yes, you can buy acclimated clandestine jet-

Ryan Ermey: Oh yes, used.

Sandy Block: … acclimated clandestine jet. “An advance of amid $500,000 and $750,000 we’ll get you an able technologically adapted acclimated jet with acceleration and assurance factors according to that of new models.” So, yes, there are acclimated jets to be had. But afore I go on too abundant more, the best arrant band in this absolution says, “Individuals, abnormally business owners, who accustomed abetment through the CARES Act and added programs, may accept begin themselves elevated, to a college tax position than expected. Affairs a alike by the end of the year could be an ideal action to abode this issue. Favorable prices, accumulated with abrasion incentives, accomplish the tactic alike added advantageous.” So what they’re cogent people, is if you got a bailout, and you’re afraid that it’s activity to move you into a college tax bracket, you can go out and buy a jet, and use abrasion to accompany your taxes down. Now, if you got a bond out, why are you affairs a jet?

Ryan Ermey: Well, and if you got the bond out, how abundant over into the new tax bracket could you possibly accept been pushed-

Sandy Block: I can’t imagine.

Ryan Ermey: … that you charge to booty abrasion on a plane. It’s wild.

Sandy Block: It’s absolutely wild. And maybe I’m missing article here, but I don’t anticipate the CARES Act was advised to accord bodies abundant money to go out and buy a clandestine plane, so they don’t accept to delay in TSA lines. So, again, I’m abiding there are bodies out there affairs planes and that is a accepted business. But again, I aloof feel like it aloof seems so out of blow to the reality, that so abounding bodies are experiencing.

Ryan Ermey: There are absolutely means that bodies are award to travel. Means that we’ve covered on this show. You can go aback and accept to our account with Emma Application for an overview. You can go aback and accept to our account with Phil Ingrassia about purchasing or renting an RV, if that’s article that you’re absorbed in. And if you’re absorbed in affairs a clandestine jet, you can additionally go aback and accept to our altercation on affairs C-Asset seizures from the U.S. Marshals. Because as this angle says, if you appetite a acclimated one you ability be able to get El Chapo’s jet.

Sandy Block: A tricked out jet, there you go.

Ryan Ermey: Pablo Escobar’s old jet. At any amount folks, we will be afterlight the show, if biking begins to accessible aback up. It’s article that we consistently like to awning in agreement of how to account it cheaply. And these canicule how to do it safely. We anticipate that the clandestine jet is apparently inappropriate for best people. So breach tuned, for all of the biking advantage that we accept advancing bottomward the pike. And that’ll do it for this adventure of Your Money’s Worth. For appearance addendum and added abundant Kiplinger agreeable on the capacity we discussed on today’s show, appointment Kiplinger.com/podcast. You can breach affiliated with us on Twitter, Facebook or by e-mailing us at [email protected] And if you admired the show, amuse bethink to rate, analysis and subscribe to Your Money’s Worth, wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for listening.

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